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Water & Meal Timing for The Virgin Diet

22 Jan

There are a lot of different components to The Virgin Diet & keeping track of them all can be a lot of work. I am going to try to break them down from what I’ve learned from the book & my experience so far. Water & meal timing are KEY to succeeding with the diet. (On pages 172-175 you can find the details on meal timing & hydration.)

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30 Apr

Here is a great trick to eat healthier & avoid starches.

I am not sure where I saw this, but I cannot take credit for this idea (probably Rachael Ray).

My new favorite ‘magic’ veggie is cauliflower.  It can replace rice, potatoes or meat to add a substance to food that can otherwise can be too bland.

Cauliflower Rice: Leave it raw & throw it in a blender or food processor & blend.  (If you like sushi swap cauliflower out for the rice.)

Cauliflower is also great because it absorbs flavor beautifully, try marinating it.

QT #3: Gas Station Snacks

29 Mar

Road trips often lead to gas station snacking.  It’s hard to find anything close to being healthy in gas stations but there are a few things.  Trail Mix is a great option, I prefer Planters Sweet & Nutty.  Beef jerky is another great option & the best is the local jerky they have up by the cashier because it usually contain no preservatives.  Whatever you get, remember to read the ingredients & look for the most natural ingredients & usually the less ingredients the better.

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