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Southwest Chicken Pasta (Virgin Diet Approved!)

5 Jun

Here is my absolute FAVORITE Virgin Diet recipe that I have created.  It is super quick & easy & both friends & family (non Virgin Diet-ers) love it!Southwest Chicken Pasta

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Dark Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

1 Aug

After 3 attempts I think I’ve created my Dark Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie masterpiece!  I’ve swapped out the unhealthy ingredients for healthier NATURAL ones & kept the batch small so you can’t binge on them!  Some of my key swaps were dark chocolate chips for semi-sweet, whole wheat flour for white flour & coconut oil rather than butter.  Now you can still have cookies but they are pretty much guilt free!  I would love your comments on this recipe & let me know how they turned out for you.

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All Natural, Homemade Cheese Sticks

12 May

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean having to cut out your favorite foods & cheese sticks are one of my absolute favorites!  This recipe is so simple & fast plus it is a much healthier option to the traditional breaded & deep fried cheese stick.

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