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1 May

My favorite food is probably garlic mashed potatoes! I LOVE them, but they are loaded with calories & starches that bloat you. I am always looking for innovative ideas to swap out certain ingredients for healthier ones. This recipe has me blown away!  I created it after discovering that cauliflower is a great substitute for potatoes & other starchier foods. Plus, this is easier than actually making homemade garlic mashed potatoes. I have yet to perfect it, but here is my current recipe.

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Mom Tip #2: Organic Puffs

12 Apr

My daughter went to her checkup yesterday & her Dr. told us to start giving her “puffs”. Of course the next place we went was Hy Vee to get some of these puffs.  I was shocked to find the Gerber Graduates Puffs were filled with sugar (the 4th ingredient! I’ve even seen sugar as the second ingredient on other brands of puffs).

I wasn’t about to feed my little girl those sugar filled treats so I found HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs at a local organic store.  The HAPPYBABY puffs are naturally sweetened with 100% juice.  (They contain half as much sugar as the Gerber brand & the sugar that is in it is from juice!)

HAPPYBABY Organic food is available at Super Target, select health food stores, & online. 

Mom Tip #1: Backwards Bib

7 Apr

Not this type of backwards bib!

My daughter is teething like crazy & drool city. She wears a bib most of the day, not just while eating. I hate ruining my her cute bibs with carrots, peas & other baby food! My quick fix to keep those bibs nice & pretty is to turn them around while she eats messy foods. This is great if you ever want to sell them or use them for future kids. (Also, wash in cold & use a stain remover. Air dry if possible because heat sets a stain.)

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