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2013 In Review & Giveaway!

15 Dec

Boy, has it been a CRAZY year & my blogging has been slacking baaaaad!  I thought I would recap what we’ve been up to & WHY I have been so absent.

In July we found out I was pregnant (baby #3 here we come!).  That TOTALLY threw a wrench in my Virgin Diet routine.  I’ve still tried to keep my eating in check & as healthy as possible but the cravings have been getting the best of me.  Once baby arrives I will definitely be back on The Virgin Diet as soon as I can.

It's A Boy!

In addition to the baby news I have spent the last year creating my own natural line of beauty products.  Finally in October I launched Root & it was been such an exciting time!  After wearing Bare Minerals for over 10 years I was so sick of it.  I always wanted a natural foundation & assumed I had to live with the crappy coverage & lack of all day wearability.  After researching Bare Minerals more I found that their foundation wasn’t as natural as I thought it was & had some nasty fillers (one specifically Bismuth Oxychloride!).  I got ambitious & after a ton of research, hard work & nearly throwing in the towel, everything finally fell into place!  Everyone who tries Root absolutely LOVE the products!  I am so proud of the fantastic 100% natural products we have developed.  (Root Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation & Bronze Mineral Powder are COMPLETELY safe to be worn on The Virgin Diet, too!)

Root Natural Beauty ProductsNow for a thank you to all of my followers!!  You can enter to win a free Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation just by commenting on this post with your New Year Resolution!  Gain bonus entries by following Root on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.  (1 bonus entry for each.  Comment back that you’ve followed so I can make sure that I have your bonus entries counted for.)

My New Year Resolution is to organize my entire house (wish me luck)!  It has gotten pretty crazy with two kids & needs some much needed TLC.  I’m thinking of possibly blogging my organization plan… is that something you guys would be interested in?

Wishing you all a very Merry Holiday season!






Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Typically I don’t blog much about my life outside of healthy recipes & such but I thought I would start a new section of my blog for my love of holidays! It is an obsession & actually probably an addiction, ha ha, I love it.

I may be just a little bit out of control when it comes to holidays with my kiddies, but I just can’t help myself.

Campbell my 2 year old has finally conquered potty training so we are celebrating extra! So, Ribbons, our Elf on the Shelf showed up!

Tomorrow we will start the day off with heart shaped pancakes with heart shaped strawberries. For lunch it is our tradition to have heart shaped grilled cheeses (made with coconut oil!). Campbell has dance class tomorrow & she could not NOT bring Valentine’s for the other girls. Hopefully she won’t throw a fit & actually give them away. We plan to practice this tomorrow.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re following me on instagram (@kristadol) you will be in for a photo bombing sensation tomorrow!

Water & Meal Timing for The Virgin Diet

22 Jan

There are a lot of different components to The Virgin Diet & keeping track of them all can be a lot of work. I am going to try to break them down from what I’ve learned from the book & my experience so far. Water & meal timing are KEY to succeeding with the diet. (On pages 172-175 you can find the details on meal timing & hydration.)

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