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The Virgin Diet Lowdown

20 Jan

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I have been doing The Virgin Diet now for 6 days & have been asked by several people what it is. This post is much longer than my typical posts but explains the overall diet for you. In future posts I will be sharing more information on certain areas of the diet, recipes, tips & my success. I have been a healthy eater for a while but nothing I have done has made as much sense as this diet! If you have any questions feel free to ask & I will definitely help you as best as I can.

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SUPERFOODS: Brussel Sprouts

2 Feb

I’ve always been very leery of brussel sprouts. Even the words made me cringe, but not anymore. Not only are brussel sprouts packed with nutrition, they CAN be delicious.

Place brussel sprouts in frying pan with enough water to cover the entire bottom of the pan & then a little bit more. Drizzle with olive oil, sea salt & freshly ground pepper. Heat covered on high for about 8 minutes. Water should begin to disappear as its steaming up the sprouts to a soft texture. Once all the water is gone drizzle with a touch more olive oil & season once more.


Cover & cook for at least 5 minutes, checking & rotating occasionally. They are ready to eat when they are charred & soft. Enjoy these delicious little guys!


(They’re also great for leftovers! Microwave & enjoy again.)


30 Apr

Here is a great trick to eat healthier & avoid starches.

I am not sure where I saw this, but I cannot take credit for this idea (probably Rachael Ray).

My new favorite ‘magic’ veggie is cauliflower.  It can replace rice, potatoes or meat to add a substance to food that can otherwise can be too bland.

Cauliflower Rice: Leave it raw & throw it in a blender or food processor & blend.  (If you like sushi swap cauliflower out for the rice.)

Cauliflower is also great because it absorbs flavor beautifully, try marinating it.

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