The Virgin Diet Lowdown

20 Jan

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I have been doing The Virgin Diet now for 6 days & have been asked by several people what it is. This post is much longer than my typical posts but explains the overall diet for you. In future posts I will be sharing more information on certain areas of the diet, recipes, tips & my success. I have been a healthy eater for a while but nothing I have done has made as much sense as this diet! If you have any questions feel free to ask & I will definitely help you as best as I can.

I want to begin by saying I think of this diet as more of a detox than an actual diet & it is to help you understand your body & overall health with the added bonus of losing weight & losing it quickly. The diet is not easy & takes some MAJOR will power, but if get through this you will be on the track to a healthier, happier you for not just the duration of this diet but for the rest of your life. Yes, you can do it for just the 21 days to lose weight & I guarantee if you follow the diet you will lose weight.

The primary detox is only 21 days & honestly the first 4 days are the hardest! Please keep in mind that after the 21 days you will begin to test the foods that you’ve removed from your diet, so be prepared for 7 weeks of dedication to this or else you will not achieve the long term results that you have worked so hard for in the first 3 weeks.

Obviously results may vary & keep in mind I have not cheated even the tiniest bit (it took everything in my power to not lick the sauce from my daughter’s chicken pot pie off my finger!), so that is why I am probably getting AMAZING results. I actually am to the point where I think it’s really fun, ha ha. Especially when I step on the scale & see weight literally disappearing each day, have been sleeping better than ever & have been getting my lost energy & focus back.

By cutting out these 7 foods I have lost weight & felt so great (the book also says you should avoid alcohol for the first 2 weeks):

  1. NO Gluten
  2. NO Dairy
  3. NO Eggs
  4. NO Soy
  5. NO Corn
  6. NO Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners
  7. NO Peanuts

The entire book focuses on these 7 foods & calls them the 7 hi-FI foods (hi-FI is short for high food intolerance: “problem foods that are likely to trigger food intolerance”). These 7 foods have been researched & found that they are the primary foods that people’s bodies are most intolerant of. Obviously if you are allergic to a food you probably know by now & you’ll definitely find out if you are after you try this for any amount of time. Having a food intolerance is being less allergic to a certain food & the symptoms are different than an actual allergic reaction. Some symptoms include:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • acne
  • trouble sleeping
  • asthma
  • brain fog
  • food cravings
  • gas & bloating
  • inability to lose weight
  • joint pain
  • moodiness
  • muscle pain
  • depression
  • cramping

& the list goes on! I won’t go into complete detail here because the book explains everything a lot better than I can. When I began reading the book I literally had an ah-ha moment & thought this is complete GENIUSNESS! Now after 6 days of actually living the diet & seeing the results I obviously am intolerant to one or more of the 7 hi-FI foods. The book breaks down the diet into 3 cycles.


Cycle 1 is Elimination. Easy, you eliminate these 7 hi-FI foods from your diet. You have to read every single ingredient on anything that is packaged. & let me tell you they sneak these 7 foods in SO many different things that you’d never expect.


After the 21 days you will begin Cycle 2, Reintroduction. You will reintroduce 4 of the 7 foods, 1 at a time. By doing so you will be able to create a customized diet that is perfect for YOU. So many diets are the exact same for everyone, but each person is different so that is why I really appreciate this diet. Not one diet works for every single person.

Like I said you will only be testing 4 of the 7 foods. “Potentially healthy foods,” eggs & dairy & “potentially unhealthy foods,” soy & gluten. Testing the “potentially unhealthy foods” is to see if you need to avoid these foods 100% or just the recommended 95% of the time.

As far as corn, peanuts & sugar go the book says you should avoid them 95% of the time; they are not tested individually.

Cycle 2 lasts for 4 weeks. Each week you will test 1 of the 4 foods. For 4 days you will eat 1 of the foods & then stop eating it for 3 days. The book is VERY specific that in Cycle 2 you don’t just jump back into eating whatever you want. It details how you should introduce these foods. If you have no symptoms & are feeling great you should be okay including that food in your diet. If you have any symptoms (the book says YOU WILL KNOW, sometimes immediately), feel uncomfortable or don’t enjoy eating that food you should leave that food out of your diet as much as possible. If you find that you are intolerant to one of the foods the book says that you can re-test any of these problematic foods 3, 6 or 9 months later as your body may become more tolerant of them the longer it has to heal. I am super curious to see what I am intolerant to & really hoping it’s not cheese!


Cycle 3 is “The Virgin Diet for Life.” Once you get to Cycle 3 you are set & you should be pretty confident knowing what foods you should be eating. The book recommends that once a year you repeat Cycles 1 & 2 to see if your body has changed at all.

I am a firm believer in being able to indulge in some of your favorite foods once in a while, so I will definitely be real about this, because yeah, after I’ve gone through Cycles 1 & 2, I’m going to eat cake once in a while! But just like the cliche goes “everything in moderation!” Who knows, maybe after I’ve finished Cycle 2, some of my favorite foods won’t be my favorite foods anymore.

If you are at all considering trying this, get the book & read it! From the Introduction to the very last page, this book is jam packed full of awesome information! Give it at least 7 days before you decide it isn’t for you. I really hope this has helped you in your decision to lose weight, get your body feeling better & becoming an overall healthier YOU.

Just as I am dedicated to reaching Cycle 3, I will dedicate myself to helping you guys by posting regularly, this will definitely keep me accountable if nothing else. I also began a Facebook group to create more of a community for everyone to post daily, share recipes, keep us accountable, ask questions & whatever else. You can also use the hashtag #thevirgindiet for Twitter & Instagram (I am an absolute Instagram junky – @kristadol), to connect with others & follow myself.


One Response to “The Virgin Diet Lowdown”

  1. pkcprint March 10, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

    I started the Virgin diet today. It hasn’t been too bad. Kinda lost but referring to the book. Had steel cut oats with 1 spoon of almond butter, blueberries with walnuts and almond milk for breakfast. Had snap peas (raw) carrots (raw) and hummus with chicken breast for lunch. For supper I had a kale soup that had black beans, mushrooms, carrots, chicken, organic chicken stock in it. I am doing good for the first day. What all have you been eating!? thanks for the blog.

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